Importance of Sunscreen

Guide to a beautiful skin from our beauty expert Pamela Goody.


Let the sun Shine! It’s getting sunnier now and that means we need to be sure to wear Sunscreen! The sun is the main contributor to our skin looking aged and prematurely aging.  You can’t stop your body from naturally aging. But you can control how much sun damage you get. Wearing sunscreen is such a simple yet effective way to slow down skin aging.

UV radiation in sunlight is a major trigger of free radicals. When UV radiation contacts skin, it reacts with oxygen in the air, which causes a free radical chain reaction.

Free radicals are bad. Really bad. They are unpaired electrons that attack everything around it, rendering them dysfunctional. The things in our skin that are effected are proteins such as collagen and elastin, epidermal lipids, membrane lipids,  mitochondria, other cellular organelles, and worst of all, DNA.

There are two kinds of SPF’s to choose from. One is a chemical block and the other is a physical block. If you’ve ever applied sunscreen and still got burnt, you must consider how old the product is, how long since the application, if you’ve sweat or gone into water (even if it is water resistant) and if it is a chemical block or physical block. If the product is a year or older, it’s only half the SPF it claims to be. So if it says 50 SPF and it is from last summer, this summer it is only 25 SPF.

If your unprotected skin turns pink in the sun in 10 minutes, then multiply the SPF times 10 minutes. So SPF 30 multiplied by 10 would be 300 minutes of protection. If you sweat or go into the water, it’s halved.  You would now be protected for 150 mins (minus the minutes you’ve already been in the sun). So always reapply regularly!
If you’ve ever burnt and were within the limits of protection, you might try a physical block SPF as sometimes the more commonly used chemical SPF can actually breakdown in the sun and not protect as it should.
So, there is a lot to consider when going out in the sun and when selecting a good SPF. Read reviews or book in for a consultation with your skin specialist for options and advice.

Winterise you skin care regime


When we speak of dry skin, we are talking about the lack of oil in the skin, whereas dehydrated skin, is lacking in water.  Did you know that when it is warmer, our skin produces more oil?  So when the temperature drops, we produce less oil.  Less oil, plus central heating and freezing conditions, equals dry, dehydrated skin.  Dry, dehydrated skin is uncomfortable and accelerates the appearance of aged skin.  Dry and dehydrated conditions are the death of your elastin which leads to saggy skin!
Even oily skin types can experience dehydrated skin, especially during the winter.  Oily skinned people might continue using some of the same products year round but will need to add hydration during the colder months. Normal, dry and combination skinned people will need to use products that are both hydrating and nourishing at this time. So when you look at the products you are using on your skin during this cold and dry winter, consider putting some of your summer products in the refrigerator to preserve them until it warms up again.
Having normal to combination type skin, during the summer months I might use a gel cleanser but during the winter months, I use a creamy or milky cleanser and I will be sure to use an oil based serum along with adding hyaluronic acid to my regime. When it’s cold and the radiators are on, I will use a heavier hydrating cream rather than a lighter hydrating lotion and I will layer with a nourishing cream around my mouth, eyes and neck if it is especially dry.  I will use a hydrating mask twice a week for extra relief.
For those who have dry, dehydrated skin all year round, in addition to the steps above, you might need to sleep in a hydrating mask to get that hydration you need. Sleep in the mask 3 times a week to boost your skins hydration.


So, the evening routine for best hydrating results is as follows:


You would cleanse twice, removing the cleanser with a wet face flannel. Exfoliate once or twice a week (I like enzyme or gentle acid exfoliants rather than an abrasive scrub alone).  Apply your serums and an eye cream, before applying a layer of the hydrating mask over your face and neck. Leave it all on and go to sleep. Be sure to cleanse in the morning followed by your winter’s day product routine.
When buying your hydrating masks, ask your beauty consultant if the mask is one that you can sleep in before sleeping in the mask. Masks with clay in them are not usually so hydrating and they should not be slept it.
Finally, don’t forget to come in for a hydrating facial every 4 o 6 weeks or add a session of our radio frequency to greatly boost your collagen and elastin production during these colder months. This fabulous treatment will strengthen the skin, reduce sagging and signs of ageing.  Book a free consultation for your bespoke skin care regime advice.

How to wash your hair


How to wash the hair? It may sound like kindergarten, but many hair problems occur because we don’t know how to wash hair properly. Here are trichologists advices on the question:

 DETANGLE Before wetting your hair, gently run a wide-tooth comb through it. If your hair is tangled when you start washing, it is likely to get more knotted.

 Bent over at the waist and wash your hair upside down. It helps with blood circulation and therefore follicles nourishment.

✅ Pre-soaking your hair is very important. Wet your hair thoroughly before applying shampoo.

 Pour shampoo onto the palm of your hand first (not to the hair directly), rub your hands together and then smooth the shampoo over your hair.

 Massage your scalp with your fingertips in a gentle kneading motion. It helps to clean the scalp better and helps with hair growth stimulation. Do not rub with your nails as you can damage your skin!

 Lather your hair with the shampoo twice. First shampoo loosens up the dirt and second actually cleans it. (Only one lather is enough if you wash your hair daily)

 Use twice less shampoo amount for the second wash. The more shampoo you use DOES NOT mean you hair will be more clean!

✅ Water temperature should be warm (not hot or cold. Ideal temperature is 40-50 degrees and helps to open the hair cuticle to allow shampoo and conditioner to do their job. Use cold water only for your final rinse in order to seal in moisture from the conditioner.

✅ Rinse the hair thoroughly. A common cause of dull hair is insufficient rinsing out of shampoo.

✅ Using a conditioner is vital to healthy looking , shiny hair. Pour a small amount of conditioner into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and smooth the conditioner over your hair. Do not use on the scalp or to the hair near your scalp. Rinse immediately.

 If you find your hair loses body after conditioning, check that you are using the correct conditioner for your hair texture. Also, make sure that you are rinsing enough and aren’t applying it too close to your scalp.
More info on how often to wash the hair, how to choose the right shampoo, what to do if you have dry or oily scalp in our following posts.

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