We provide luxury, custom tailored hair extensions, using only the very best, hand-picked Russian  and Slavic natural human hair. Because of the exceptionally high quality of our hair, it can be reused for multiple reapplications, which therefore reduces the cost of subsequent refits. Read more about hair types.

We are dedicated to the art of applying beautiful first class professional hair extensions which blend flawlessly with your natural hair. Our application technique creates a free-flowing hairstyle that will move, fall and behave exactly like your real hair, giving the hair extensions an authentic, natural look and feel. Whether your hair is short, long, fine, thick, wavy, straight, blonde or brunette, our professional hair extensions can be successfully applied to virtually any type of hair or style, without leaving any typical ‘telltale’ signs of extensions, and always appearing extremely natural. Read more about application techniques.

A free hair extensions consultation is always carried out in the first instance to discuss your requirements and assess your suitability for our hair extensions. You can book your FREE Consultation online here.

Hair extensions are not only designed to lengthen the natural hair, but may also be applied to increase thickness and volume, to add movement, body and texture or simply to give the appearance of highlights or lowlights. Our hair extensions are custom tailored to suit each and every clients unique requirements. Read more about coverage.

It is essential that the home care guidelines are followed implicitly in order to sustain the longevity of your hair extensions, as well as to keep them in their best condition, and to prevent damage to your natural hair. Read more about hair extensions after care.

We want you to thoroughly enjoy your experience at our salon, and leave feeling relaxed, pampered and ultimately adoring your new hair! To keep you entertained whilst you’re here we have a TV and magazines, as well as free WiFi for those who wish to bring laptops or iPads.

We also prepared HAIR EXTENSIONS GALLERY of our work.








HAIR EXTENSIONS  Coloured Russian  Virgin Russian
(Ideal for medium – thick hair. To add length, thickness, volume, colour)       
14 Inches   £ £
16 Inches  £ £
18 Inches  £ £
22 Inches
3/4 HEAD
(Ideal for fine – medium hair. To add thickness, volume, colour)       
14 Inches         £  £
16 Inches        £  £
18 Inches   
22 Inches  £
(Ideal for fine hair to lengthen, add thickness, volume, colour)
14 Inches         £  £
16 Inches        £  £
18 Inches   
22 Inches  £