When hair becomes damaged by over colour processing or heat styling it demands professional attention. To maintain healthy and glossy hair we recommend our clients use in-salon hair repair treatments.

“ABSOLUTE HAPPINESS”  (Lebel) – Luxurious Treatment for Scalp and Hair.

Deep restoration of damaged hair at a molecular level. Infuses hair with radiant shine after the first treatment. Combines comprehensive care for hair and scalp, that enlivens hair with almost any types of damage. The program has a detoxification effect and a mild anti-inflammatory action on the scalp, promotes healthy hair growth. Includes head massage with hot towels and aromatherapy. Suitable for all hair types: fine, thick, curly and Mother to Be.

Program: once a week (3 to 7 treatments depending on hair damage)      Duration: 1.5hr

“LIFTING CAPILAR”  (INOAR) – Spa Therapy which moisturising and nourishing weak and damaged hair.

The formula is enriched with Kerasystem 3 and Arginine, age directly in the fiber of the hair, and promoting a reconstructive moisturising action, resulting in a soft, hydrated and shiny hair.

Program: every two weeks                Duration: 1hr

“SHINE AND STRENGTH” (Lebel) – focuses on hair nourishment and moisture. Restores hair structure, elasticity and shine.

  • Helps to restore molecular balance of moisture in hair and scalp
  • Contains a unique complex of natural antioxidants
  • Prolongs youthful hair
  • Hair becomes perfectly shiny and strong after the first use
  • Ideal with colour treatments.

Program: one treatment every 2 weeks  Duration: 1hr

“DETOX MINT” (Lebel) – Express programm for detoxication, nourishment and moisture for hair and scalp.

Unique detox complex on the basis of lycopene and mint.  Lycopene, which is tomato extract and peppermint extract, solve the problem of lack of moisture in the scalp and in the hair. Removes pollution and product build up deep within the cuticle.

Program: once a week  Duration: 40 min

“DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT” (Biolage by Matrix) – restores dry, over-processed hair with an intensive conditioning treatment applied at the backwash and left to work for deep conditioning.

Moisturizing hair mask instantly and deeply conditions for healthy looking hair. It revives dry strands for more shine and manageability.

Program: once a week  Duration: 40 min

“EXPRESS CONDITIONING” (Lebel) – conditioning treatment for clients in a hurry.

Part of the client’s one hour hair appointment, these treatments include hair type-specific conditioning treatments to make the hair look and feel glossier and healthier from root to tip.

Program: with every wash 

OLAPLEX – is in-salon hair treatment that works to actively rebuild the broken disulphide bonds within the hair that can break during chemical processes, particularly as a result of colouring and/or using heated hair tools. This revolutionary new product is redefining the way hair is coloured, formulated by a team of top industry scientists with proven results.

Laima Unisex Hair&Beauty team are extremely proud to join the world’s best salons offering OLAPLEX™ to clients seeking a transformational hair treatment and allowing them to experiment with hair colour more than ever.

HAIR REPAIR TREATMENTS  short   medium   long
Absolute Happiness        £50 £60 £65
Shine and Strength           £40 £45 £50
Detox Mint                £35 £40 £45
Deep Conditioning                                             £23 £25 £28
Express Conditioning                    £7 £7 £7
Olaplex  £30 £30